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Green on Wood A valentines Dinner

Private Residence

1535 Ivanhoe St, Denver, CO 80220, USA

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Event Description

AMUSE BOUCHE Chicken Fried Carnitas, Aji Verde Sauce, Corn Chip Strain: St. solomons COURSE 1 Fried Oysters, Lemon Guajillo dressed Cabbage Slaw. 3 Fried Oysters. Green Cabbage. Pablano. Carrot. Cilantro. Strain: Pura Vida COURSE 2 Chorizo stuffed Pork Chop, Scallop Potatoes, pureed Hominy Gouda Fondue. Chorizo. Guajillo, Cumin, Paprika, onion, garlic. Potatoes. Thyme, Heavy Cream. Hominy. Chipotle. Onion. Garlic. Reperney Gouda Aged 1 year. strain: Mother's Milk COURSE 3 Guajillo Almond puree, Roasted Cauliflower, smoked Scallop Breadcrumbs, Parsley. Guajillo. Pimento. Paprika. Almond. Cauliflower. Smoked scallop. Panko Breadcrumbs. Strain: CBD TBA. COURSE 4 Sugar Bruleed Acorn Squash, Blonde Caramel, Roasted walnuts. Basil Strain: Mother's milk Joints and bowls will be passed out through the dinner. Drinks included. Bring your girl, dude, mother, loved ones. It is a Valentine's Dinner. Any Allergies and dietary restrictions please let me know 7 days prior to the Dinners date. Go to to buy tickets 32 total available.
Map of Event Location
Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 7:00 pm –  9:00 pm